Q: How is the Trail to Eagle Program setup? Will the boys get all 5 merit badges?

A: The Trail to Eagle Program is a half a day. That is 3 sessions or 3 classes periods if you will.

We offer 5 Merit Badges during that 3 hour time frame. The Trail to Eagle Program is not set up for the Boys to finish all 5 Merit Badges or even work on 5 merit badges. This is not a lecture style class like normal merit badges. The class is set-up for older Scouts to collaboratively work together on merit badges they want to get finished. The Instructor is there to facilitate learning not to lecture. There are 12 slots in the class depending on what the boys in that class for that week need to work on is how the class will run. Example: If all the boys that signed up that week need citizenship in the nation they will work on that merit badge as a whole class. Or Example: 4 boys need cit in the nation, 3 boys need personal management, and 5 boys need communications they will break up into small groups and work on that merit badge until it is finished and then move on to the next set of merit badges that boys in the class need.

It is vital that the boys that sign up for this class are older Scouts because they have to be self-motivated, able to work with other Scouts and willing to stay on task. A boy will move through the Trail to Eagle Program as fast or as slow as he is willing to work. This class is intended for Scouts that need 2 or more merit badges on the list.

Q:How does the multiple merit badge classes work? Can a Scout go for just on of the merit badges?

A: The multiple merit badges classes are formatted to help your Scouts receive instruction on several merit badges with like requirements simultaneously. The Scout must participate in the whole class to receive credit for any of the merit badges. The class is not setup for a boy to only take one or two merit badges of the three. If the Scout already has one of the merit badges he can still take the class to complete the other two.   

Q: Which medical form do we use?

 A: We will accept the 2009 printing of the medical form as long as the physical was conducted within the last year If anyone has not filled out a medical form they should use the 2011 printing. Everyone on property is required to fill out part A, B, & C of the medical and have a current physical.  

Q: Is Skymont using Blue Cards?

A: Skymont will no longer be using blue cards at summer camp. Your Troop will receive a print out for each boy what merit badges he took and what requirements he finished at camp. This will be a much better tracking system for the Units and Skymont staff.  

Q: What do I have to have at check-in?

A: Your Troop will need a camp roster of adults and boys, medical forms for anyone staying on property overnight and your balance has to be paid in full prior to or at check-in. Out of Council Troops are  responsible for bring an accident and sickness Insurance claim form from their Council’s Insurance Policy and a signed tour permit. You will not be allowed to enter camp without any of these items.

Q: What accommodations are in the campsites?

A: There are wall tents in each campsite with two cots. There is a restroom facility with 2 toilets, urinal, wash basin and water hookup. There is not a pavilion in the campsites. Each campsite has multiple picnic tables, most of the have a flag pole and all of them have fire rings for campfire.

 Q: Does Skymont offer swim lessons and how do I sign-up?

A: We offer swimming lessons after lunch. He will be able to work one on one with an instructor. We schedule these sessions on a individual bases so that the boys don’t have to miss out on a merit badge they may want to take. He will need to get with the aquatics director when he gets to camp to schedule a time.

Q: Some of our boys want to bring their fishing gear to fish during free time.  Are there any licensures that they must have or anything they need to do in order to do some leisure time fishing?

A: You do not need a fishing license to fish on Skymont property. Just bring your fishing gear and have fun.

Q: How long is Sports, Athletics & fitness?  On the Merit Badge Classes page it shows it as 2 hours but on the Program Schedule page it shows it as 1 hour.

A: Sports, Athletics and Fitness is a 1 hour class.

Q: How do I decide if my Scout needs to take Polaris?

A: Skymont suggest that if you have a first time camper and/or a boy that has not reached Tenderfoot he should take Polaris all day. In the system you will have to register him for Tenderfoot/First Aid Merit Badge (9-11:50), 2nd Class Requirements (2-2:50), 1st Class Requirements (3-3:50) and Rank Skill Practice (4-4:50). All other Scouts should only sign-up for Rank Requirements that they need for the next Rank.